Technologies Contest Pilsen 2012

International scientific and vocational symposium attended by the competitive display of student works in technical education branch.


The contest is defined for two sections:

   A – didactic and multimedia works

   B – technical works


1.       Applicants should be full-time or part-time students of Bachelor or Master Teacher training programmes of any university of college with focus on technical education (or an equivalent program).

3. For section A will be accepted works focused on didactics and multimedia and also diploma or bachelor works which were stated or will be stated in academnic year 2011/2012.

4. For section B will be accepted works or diploma or bachelor works focused on technics.

5. Applicant of the symposium should send on address of organizer:

            - complete application in electronic or written form

            - the article for symposium proceedings – instruction see model article (in *.doc)

            - work in written or electronic form (on CD-ROM, DVD, in format *.doc or *.pdf)

6. The date of sending of application and the work and other required documents is 30. 4. 2012 at the latest.

7. Organizer has the right to exclude articles which will not meet defined criterion or will be sent after deadline.

8.  Department is allowed to send to the competition academics who led the competitive work (the guarantee). These workers may be members of juries in the suitable sections. The guarantees should send their application to the organizer.

9. The first three works in each section will receive attractive financial rewards. Competition results will be published on the Internet and through our media partner.

10.    Accommodation and refreshments will be provided for the contestants and the jury members.

11. The organizer guarantees the copyright protection according to the law no. 121/2000. Without written agreement of the author the competitive work will not be copied, lent or provided to the public. Article and presentations from the conference will be part of proceedings publicly available online on the Internet. Proceedings will be published online on the Internet!

12. The following presentation aids will be available for the contestants: PC + data projector, internet).  Specific requirement must be given in the application.

13.    The organizer has the right to change the propositions.

14.    Details of the action, documents to download and possible changes are to be found on the contest official website

15. Applications and works for competition please sent to the address below:


Katedra matematiky, fyziky a technické výchovy

FPE ZČU v Plzni 

Olympiáda techniky Plzeň 2012

Klatovská 51

306 14 Plzeň

or to electronic address



Partners of Action: